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              Start your learning journey today!

Families learning together...

It's what we’re all about!

'The Family Learning App' is a fun and innovative way for schools to help parents better support their child's learning at home. 

Download the app, enter your child's date of birth and start receiving daily activities, specifically designed to support your child's learning. 


Simple, fun and easy to do.  


Overview Video for Schools

To find out more visit our 'Information for Educators' page

Overview Video for Families

Our Activities

Our daily activities cover the three major curricular areas:

Numeracy, Literacy & Health & Wellbeing.

Each activity encourages positive adult / child interaction. 

As you complete and rate the daily activities 'The Family Learning App' adapts to you and your child selecting the best activities for you.   

Why use The Family Learning App?

Parenting can be overwhelming!  The Family Learning App makes it easier to support your child's learning at home by providing simple, fun daily activities created by educators.     

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Individual Learning Journeys 

Every child is different.  As you use 'The Family Learning App' it adapts to you, creating a learning journey that is as unique as your child.  

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Daily Progress

Our daily activities are specially designed to fit into family life and can be completed as you walk to school, eat your dinner or play in the garden.  The result?  You'll make progress everyday!  

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Fun, Simple and Easy to Do

Our fun, simple and easy to do activities will quickly become part of family life.  Before you know it you'll be playing 'My granny's cat' as you walk to school and swapping silly sentences at meal times!

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